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Sunday, March 18, 2012

MapleStory Post "Kenta PQ, Kenta Goggles"

Sorry ever1 for complete 1 week of not posting anything :/ I was kinda dead this week having nothing to do (lazy to study). Even my Mapling mood went down the drain so i oni got up to lv 166 for the Holidays.

So i'm sure everybody has heard and done the new Party Quest, Kenta's Research thingy.
The PQ is quite simple actually and consists of 4 stages.
1st stage - Kill all monsters in the map
2nd stage - Kill all monsters and collect 20 Air Bubbles for Kenta to "breath" F3
3rd stage - Protect Kenta from any monster for 3 minutes
Final stage - Kill 2 pianus left and right in the cave.

The traits from this PQ is actually quite good if you keep doing it everyday.
You get Ambition from killing Pianus, Charm and Willpower from completing the PQ. Each Pianus drops 1 Pianus scale which you can trade for items at the Lobby.
So after getting a certain amount of Pianus Scale, you can choose to get a random pet scroll (10 scales) or Kenta Goggles (100 scales)
I wasn't planning on buying any pets soon so i went for the googles.
Sadly, it was a 2liner Potential. But the lvl limit was 80, that means it could get 3% luk without getting to Epic stats (my 3% epic owl mask) So i decided to cube it a few times so that i could replace my owl mask with this Eye accessory. After my 3rd cube, It unexpectedly changed to "Epic Item" ._.
Then i wanted to get DHB pants it seems like it took forever for it to change. Most of my items turn epic withput me even wanting it to. My pants was my Top priority to get to Unique but now i'm stuck with a few Epic items =3=
Though it was an Epic item, the stats was abit off with int 6% and dex 3%.
So i continued cubing...
I guess i'll stay with this stats for now :3
So now my next project is to get "Rex's Perfect Blue Earrings" which requires 50 Hobb Warrior Marks and a normal Rex"s Blue Earrings. Its gonna be awhile to gather that much Marks that drops from Rex himself.
Well at least i stick to my previous Rex Earring be4 i get a new Perfect Rex Earring :D
And lastly, i decided to use the "Special Beauty Coupon" from the Beauty Event. There were many choices and mostly all ended up with a green skin or light blue skin.

So i decided to stick with this hair style.
Yes, its like my old hairstyle but different colour. My eyes are Blue and my skin is Pale.
Pale is better then having Green or light Blue skin yeah? XD

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