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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MapleStory Post " Tangyoon's Kitchen Party Quest " [Sorta-Guide]

Hellooooo Everybody!!! :D
Yes, Its been quite awhile since I blogged about anything on MapleStorySEA. So far there's been so much changes with the recent patch with the Hyper skills, New events, New Pq, and new jobs soon to be released. Maybe in some time soon I'll post an update about Shadower's Hyper Skill and you can read the description of anything that your looking for. If you have any questions about those skills, I'll try my best to answer you :)
But for now, Let's go into the new Party Quest, Tangyoon's Kitchen!
 So this Party Quest initiates at the side of your Screen.
Just accept the quest, after that you can enter the Lobby through the Mirror of Dimensional. Here is you find people to party with, etc, etc......
This party quest is only available for party of 3 people or below, means that you can enter this PQ with someone or you could just go solo :D

Then you proceed with entry!
This PQ is quite long so getting a lot sometimes can be quite annoying :/
 First you start off in a room with a big chopping board where you choose to summon the monster given according to the dish of the day given.
Each specific dish requires a specific choice of  monster or ingredient that needs to be chosen. Choosing the wrong ingredient will results in less rewards at the end of the PQ and more importantly, your precious experience D:
 After selecting your choice, a message will appear on your chatbox.
"You should expect great dishes" means that you have successfully chosen the correct ingredient (yay) :D
If you chose the wrong ingredient, another message will appear saying that the pot smells funny.
 So the monsters or "ingredients" will spawn on top of the chopping board for you to kill. The monsters will spawn approximately 3 minutes long until the next choice of ingredients will be given for you to select once more. There are a total of 5 choices.
You can choose to continuously kill the monsters as they are spawning, or you could wait for around 3 minutes for you can kill the whole mob accumulated up there as the mobs will spawn again and again. Don't wait for 2 long though as I think when the next choice comes, your ingredients will just die stating that it became burnt or rotted. Don't know. Didn't really try xD

After the 4th choice, Palete Destroying Flames will spawn at the bottom of the map. If your are going solo, just destroy them and continue on with your PQ until the 5th choice. But if your in a party of more then 2 but less then 3 people, One random Party Member will be selected to destroy these Flame Monsters.

Keep in mind that only the person selected would be able to damage or take damage from the monsters. Other party members cannot help. This would instantly make your Party Quest a failure if the person selected is AFK-ing.
For this try i afk-ed for 2 long in the 3 minute time span and in the end, all the ingredients got burned. So for that PQ it was a fail :(

These are the 5 choices of selection of monster ingredients you have to choose with the Palete Destroying Flames summoned during the 4th choice.

 As you can clearly see, The dish of the day will be displayed there for you to refer to any ingredient your suppose to put in next. If you ask me none of this actually makes sense XD
But the PQ was kinda fun and all :)

After finishing all the 5 choices, Its time to add in Salt!
A pop up comes out after that for you to add in the correct about of salt. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but the number of salt "boxes" you have to put is in the "in" word.
Referring to the next picture, you can see that the number "2" is in the word "in"
 So when you see the number 2, you press stop when the boxes fill up to the 2nd box :)
Then you'll be given a buff for a period of time.
 Note, that if you entered with a Party, Each Party Member will receive a different number of salt "boxes" to put in so make sure you add in the correct amount of salt for the extra buff!

Once that is over, The dish will be tested!
If you have successfully added in all the correct ingredients, The God Of Cookery will appear.
If you have added any wrong ingredients or messed up in between, The Trash can will appear
If you are successful, Defeat The God of Cookery and you have completed the PQ. He occasionally cast a buff that causes only critical hit to hit him similarly to Ani.
If you failed, Defeat the Trash Can (forgot to SS ><)  and you also would have completed the PQ. He occasionally cast cancel wa/ma buff.
 Using a Mihile, I often crash him to prevent any of that from happening XD
Even if you don't crash him, his life is not really that high so don't worry ;)
Same goes for the Trash Can.
 As i said before the reward of this PQ is great when you are successful. Almost 80% reward experience for a lv 7x not including the experience you get from the monsters you kill inside.
The reward experience is reduced more then half if you fail so make sure you do this PQ correctly to receive much better rewards!

You also will get 2 Chef Certificate after completing the PQ successfully, and only 1 Chef Certificate if you failed.
 You can trade this Chef Certificate for a Chef Costume and a Chef Hat which gives a rather good Set Bonus. The item itself isn't that bad and you can keep trading in to get better Additional Options on the Equip so I suggest you to keep going as long as your Lvl is 6x~90 as this PQ has a lvl limit D:

 All stats 5 on the Costume
All stats 12 on the Hat
All stats  15, wa/ma 8 for the Set Bonus
Kinda good, Don't you think? XD
There's also a quest on Tangyoon for you to acquire this Medal after successfully cooking 3 great dishes (correct ingredients).

I have found out the selection of each dish that they gave you through a guide on the forum.
Escargot - Chubby Snail, Red Snail, Orange Mushroom, Wine Bottle, Potted Sprout
Chopped Noodles with Mushroom - Blue Mushroom, Chopped Noodles, Mushmom, Bellflower Root, Bubble Fish
Cold Jellyfish - Jellyfish, Cool Jellyfish, Sr. Bellflower Root, Ice Piece, Potted Morning Glory
Fried Pork - Ribbon Pig, Very Fat Pig, Fire Boar, Nependeath, Octopus
Slime Pudding - Slime, Cube Slime, Cherry Bubble Tea, Snowman, Chocolate Syrup

If you do not prefer my guide (sobsob), You can always refer to the original guide on the forum though this link,

I guess that is it for now :)
Hopefully I'll have more time for blogging. College is really starting to get a handful @.@
See ya guys later! :D


  1. Nice guide! Helped alot!

  2. Very nice, thanks Ordis for your cooking guide!